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2K with Rotation table

2K with SPIN STACK molding

2K with transfer by robot

2K with core-back system

2K by index (rotation core in mold)

2K with slider transfer

ASM - Expert in 2K|Multi-shot

Multi-component molding is an efficient and cost effective technology for molding custom plastic parts with two or three plastic resins or colors in a single operation, and at faster cycle time and flash free.

ASM has mastered this technology and has manufactured parts using multi-component molding process for many years. With 4 sets 2K injection machines in house, and with our leading 2K technology, we are capable of manufacturing different types of 2K molds.

ASM will be glad to support you as a competent partner in this area.



The technology is relatively mature compared with the traditional over-molding tech, double color can be injected at the same time, high efficiency and good stability, this  technology can be applied to a variety of products.

  • STEP1:Inject part #1
  • STEP2:Core side rotates 180°in the vertical direction
  • STEP3:Next cycle, inject part #2 and again part #1

2K with  SPIN STACK turning

1. Production in same machine with double time of cavities compared with normal mold. It can increase production efficiency.

2. Smaller machine size, lower power consumption, lower investment of equipment and mold.

3. Faster molding cycle time.

4. Mold rotates on horizontal turn table, which is more stable than vertical rotation and has no inclination. It helps for life of mold, especially large molds.

  • STEP1:Inject the part #1 at fixed side.
  • STEP2:The two moving side rotates 180°
  • STEP3:Injection to part #2 at moving side.

2K with transfer by robot

1. Use robot arm to switch the molding part instead of rotary table method, it will be helpful to save investment cost of equipment.

2. Commonly applied to simple product and product with metal insert.

  • STEP1:Inject the part #1
  • STEP2:Transfer the part #1 to second molding position by robot arm
  • STEP3:Next cycle, Inject the part #2 and again part #1

2K with CORE-BACK system

1. Cost efficiency, it reduced core side compare with transfer method, but it still can achieve the 2k injection process in one mold.

2. Good quality stability: the two molding steps can be done in one cavity and it can avoid part warpage issue during the mold open and part transfer. It is more stable than over-molding method.

3. Commonly applied to functional part without high surface requirement.

  • STEP1:Inject the part #1
  • STEP2:Set the core insert back to release space for molding part
  • STEP3:Inject the part #2

2K by INDEX (rotation core in mold)

1. Rotation table can be replaced with rotation core,  to save investment of equipment.

2. With rotation core method, it can realize the various injection of material / color. Especially for small product, it will be more controllable on part dimension than rotary table method.

3. Commonly applied to precision small products and multi-color structure parts.

  • STEP1:Inject the part #1
  • STEP2:Eject the core insert out and rotates by 180°
  • STEP3:Pull the core insert back
  • STEP4:Next cycle, Inject the part #2 and again part #1

2K with SLIDER transfer

1. Cost efficiency, equivalent to reduce cost of core side, it still can achieve the 2k injection process in one mold.

2. The disadvantage is that the injection molding of product #1 and product #2 cannot be injected at the same time, resulting in loss of efficiency.

  • STEP1:Inject part at cav#1, then move part to injection position of cav#2
  • STEP2:Inject the part #2 at cavity #2

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