ASM Professional Project Team


Fluent English Speaking

Fluent communication with overseas customers ensure a project proceeded in an efficient and effective way.

Mature Technical Background

Experienced project team with technical know-how delivers integrated solutions to meet the needs of customers.

Systematic Management

Various documents and check lists help us to manage project more precisely and secures an on-time delivery.

We are proud to support your projects

With a team of experts

Professional project management in toolmaking means much more than monitoring milestones.

In order to guide your project through the individual processes, an experienced project management team is available to you in our company.

We attach particular importance to the systematic management, various documentation and check lists, in order to control each process and thus creates a continuous and reliable performance of each project.

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Pro-active &



We pride ourselves on our expertise, our proactive approach and our ability to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.


Our technical service deliver a complete solution for companies who demand the highest standards of quality, deliver in a cost effective manner.