ASM contributing in BYD-U8 lighting






Yangwang U8, BYD’s premium brand, have been taking the EV market by storm. At the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, the BYD Yuanwang U8 has become the latest superstar, drawing tremendous attention from car enthusiasts.

Our company is proud to have played a part in the creation of the U8, a revolutionary SUV that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional style. As a key supplier to BYD, we were honored to have been chosen to provide molds for the advanced lighting system, by designing and producing over 40 sets molds for the headlights, taillights, and ambient lighting.

Our team of experts worked very closely with BYD to design and produce high-quality molds that met the exact specifications for the innovative lighting system. We used state-of-the-art technology and our years of experience to ensure that the molds were not only precise, but also highly efficient, enabling BYD to manufacture the car’s lights at scale.

Our contribution to the U8 is just one example of our commitment to providing exceptional mold-making services to our clients. We believe that our expertise and dedication to quality set us apart from other mold makers, and we are confident that our work will continue to contribute to the automotive industry.

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