ASM Full Capability on


Range of Machines 80T~1200T

4 sets of 2K/3K Injection Machines

Scientific Molding Process

2K ENGEL Machine of ASM

Full Range of Injection Machines

& Advanced Molding Technology

ASM Molding shop equip with injection presses from 80T to 1200T, in addition with 4 sets 2K/3K presses of 200T, 480T, 650T, 1200T, serving customers of different needs.

Each of our injection machines is equipped with Robotic Arms allowing us develop consistent production ready processes.

ASM molding technology includes:


  • 2K/3K molding
  • 2K SPIN stack molding
  • Insert molding
  • Over-molding
  • Vertical molding
  • In Mold Labeling (IML)
  • Gas-assisted molding

ASM 2K Molding

With 4 sets 2K machines in house, and with our leading 2K technology, we are able to manufacture different types of 2K:


  • 2K SPIN STACK molding
  • 2K with rotary table
  • 2K by core-back system
  • 2K by transfer with robot
  • 2K by index


Scientific Molding Process

Scientific injection molding is a disciplined approach using data backed decisions to setup consistent and repeatable molding processes, involves the optimization of temperature control, filling, packing, cooling, and part removal.


At ASM, by using the latest scientific molding process, we are capable to analyze every step of the injection molding process to assist in debugging and qualifying the molds.


Mold tests simulating operating conditions are performed on every of our molds.

ASM Injection Machine

  • 1200T (2K)
  • 650T(2K/3K)
  • 480T (2K)
  • 200T (2K)
  • 320T
  • 208T
  • 200T
  • 160T
  • 120T
  • 110T
  • 98T
  • 80T