Advanced Tooling Solutions for Your Plastic Projects

Advanced Tooling Technology

High Precision Equipment

Implement ERP system 

Top Quality Tooling

& Integrated Solutions


With tooling shop possessing different machines and expertise, we can offer tools from small precise parts to big complex automotive parts.

With our leading technology, quality and project management, we have pioneered international cooperation with world-famous automotive OEMs and Tier-1 companies, and achieved fruitful results.

We sell not only molds, but also technical support, efficiency, speed and quality.


BENZ - EQE V295 Charging Plug-in -- 2K mold

asm mold for BENZ expansion tanks

AUDI - Coolant Expansion Tanks --- Metal-Insert mold

asm stack mold for BMW tank

BMW - Coolant Tank --- STACK mold

BMW G45 molds

BMW - G45 global project (molds deliver to USA/Mexico/Poland/South Africa/China)

ASM mold for light guides lens optics

A series of molds for Automotive Lighting - Lens / Light Guides / Opticals 


ERP Implementation in Workshop


We implement ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and system in each process of the manufacturing. It helps us digitize and automate our operations. In this way, we run process more efficiently, save time and money, and increase our accuracy and speed of production.

With ERP system, each project is managed in a more systematic way, and project scheduling is controlled better and on-time, thus leads to successful project result to our customers.

Advanced Tooling Solutions


Through many years dedication in the industry, we accumulated extensive experience, and are able to manufacture different type of molds with advanced technical solutions.

2K/3K (Multi-component)


Over-mold / Insert Mold

STACK Mold (Sandwich mold)

Gas-assisted Mold

IMD / IML Mold

Un-screwing Mold

Pre-deformation Know-how