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For over 10 years, we work closely with powertrain companies to design and deliver high quality molds that meet their most exacting requirements. Our rigorous procedure and our know-how of counter-deformation allow us to optimize performance, consistency and quality of our molds.


We deliver molds and solutions for thermal control / HVAC / Cooling system for both conventional powertrains and plug-in electric vehicles.


We cooperate with worldwide famous companies on this field, such as VALEO, MAHLE-BEHR...

ASM tooling for THERMAL system

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ASM tooling for

HVAC Fan & Shroud

HVAC distributor housing
ASM mold for 2K air flap
ASM mold for AGS project
ASM Mold for AGS frame and Vane
ASM mold for coolant tank
ASM mold for battery cooling pack