Arrival of MAKINO 5-axis CNC – V90S

安盛新购入 MAKINO 5 轴 CNC 设备V90S,加工能力迈向新台阶!

V90S 设备作为顶尖的加工设备,具有高精度、高效率的特点,能够满足复杂零件的加工需求,并提供卓越的加工质量和精度。公司此次引入该设备,旨在进一步提升生产效率,提高产品质量,满足客户日益增长的需求,为客户提供更具竞争力的产品和解决方案。该设备的引入将进一步巩固公司在模具行业的领先地位,为公司未来的发展奠定坚实基础。


ASM has recently purchased the MAKINO 5-axis CNC machine V90S, our machining capabilities upgraded to new heights!

The V90S machine, renowned for its precision and efficiency, is capable of meeting the demands of intricate part machining, while delivering outstanding quality and accuracy. The introduction of this equipment aims to further enhance production efficiency, elevate product quality, and meet the growing demands of customers, thereby providing them with more competitive products and solutions. This investment reinforces the company’s leading position in the mold industry, laying a solid foundation for its future development.

We will continue to uphold the principles of technological innovation and excellence in quality, striving to create greater value for customers and make significant contributions to the industry’s advancement.